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Children all around us are hurting. Everyday countless kids are faced with the realities of generational poverty, violence in their communities and the absence of fathers.
What's In A Name?
February 20 2011 by: Wesley Legg


We all know the kid in grammar school who had the most unfortunate name. Like the kid I went to school with named Pervis, who will forever be known as Nervous Pervis. It could have been worse. When Amy (my wife) and I were blessed with children we realized how careful we needed to be when giving them names. We eliminated some names right away, like Harry, Bo, or Peggy. Why you ask? My last name is Legg.

Just before the arrival of our third child, we told my family what the new baby's name would be and someone poked fun. The antagonist knew he was making a joke of our son’s name. He didn’t’ know he was making a joke of my father-in-law's name. Amy’s dad passed when she was twelve. Open the mouth - insert the foot. The joke was innocent, and the name means so much to us nothing would cause us to change it.


What does this have to do with Firebird? Firebird is a great name, but we don’t want to assume that it’s the best name for the movie. For those of us who know it as Firebird, it’s difficult to consider any other name. What if I told my family to start calling me Bob. I imagine calling me by any other name would be difficult and weird (although some haven’t let that get in the way). What I’m trying to say is that we’re testing other possible names, but not ruling Firebird out.


We are asking the opinion of others. The truth is that most of you who read this are, like me, biased. The good news is that we still get to vote. However, because we’re biased, the best way to determine the right name is to ask people who know nothing about Firebird (or whatever we’re going to call it).


Here is how you can take the survey, and more importantly, solicit unbiased friends to do the same. Click this link and take the survey. Copy and paste the link anywhere. Email a friend, share it on facebook or twitter, etc.


As a little extra motivator, there is a rough-cut teaser trailer in the survey. Hit us on facebook and let us know what you think. Go take it! Go share it!


Wesley Legg

Producer of the movie called Firebird, but might be called something else, in which case it will be THE NEW MOVIE TITLE, formerly known as Firebird.


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December 27 2010 by: Wesley Legg

A Firebird crew member led the charge to provide Christmas presents for nearly 250 under resourced children.

We shot in a low-income housing apartment for five days in November. The people of the community were very kind to us, especially considering our neighborhood invasion. One member of our crew left touched and motivated to do something for the families who live there.

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THAT'S A WRAP! (belated)
December 27 2010 by: Wesley Legg

Principal photography wrapped in late November. The cast and crew started this journey on October 11th and twenty-six shooting days later we turned off the cameras and called it a wrap. The cast and crew worked hard to make Firebird a reality and we are forever grateful for their dedication. We spent two months making not just a movie, but a lifetime of memories.

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