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Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes

Over ten years of passion and hard-work have gone into bringing Sergey’s story to life.

Hundreds of skilled craftspeople, talented actors, and tireless crew members have lent their efforts to recreate life in the Soviet Union in the 1970’s. Take peek behind-the-scenes through photos, video and interviews with the team. From crafting the message of the film to creating the characters, rebuilding an Estonia Air Force Base to staging a ballet, the content below will give you a glimpse into the magic of making movies.

The Firebird team has done all of this as an independently financed production — without studio backing. No small feat. As such, we count on theatrical and VOD sales. In todays digital world, it is often hard to determine if a site is legally distributing content, or is sharing pirated content. If you, or a friend, have seen Firebird online outside of theaters or VOD, we urge you to consider purchasing the film and watching again. It’s invaluable to our efforts to repay those who have put so much into the film, and to whether or not we will be able to make another one. Firebird is easy to find on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and your local platforms.

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